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How To Invest in a Multi-million-dollar Mansion Real Estate in Lagos

Mar , 14
How To Invest in a Multi-million-dollar Mansion Real Estate in Lagos

A multi-million-dollar Mansion Real Estate is a huge investment and if you plan to embark on the journey of investing in a multi-million-dollar mansion in Lagos, Nigeria, it demands meticulous planning and informed decision-making. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the crucial steps and considerations to ensure a seamless and rewarding investment, especially when choosing a luxury property to buy in Lagos.

The Due Diligence Stages of Investing in a Multi-million-dollar Mansion:

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1. Lands Registry Exploration:

Conducting thorough investigations at the state Lands Registry, such as Lagos State Land Registry in Alausa, Ikeja, guarantees a clear understanding of property ownership, potential encumbrances, and legal disputes. Carrillion’s commitment to transparent dealings aligns seamlessly with this essential due diligence step.

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2. Charting at the Surveyor General’s Office:

Requesting a land information certificate through charting at the Surveyor General’s office in Ikeja is pivotal to identifying any government acquisition affecting the land. Carrillion ensures accurate property information to empower your investment decisions.

3. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Scrutiny:

Verifying a property’s status at the Corporate Affairs Commission becomes crucial when dealing with businesses under the Companies and Allied Matters Act. Carrillion’s commitment to integrity assures you a property free from registered charges against the company’s assets.

4. Physical Inspection with Carrillion:

Carrillion emphasizes the significance of physical inspections to uncover hidden defects, ensuring the property aligns with your expectations and preference from architectural design to the ground finishing masterpiece.

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The Contract Stage

5. Contract of Sale Perfection:

Carrillion ensures a transparent Contract of Sale to prevent the property from being resold to another purchaser, securing your investment.

6. Disclosures and Documentation Validation:

Benefit from Carrillion’s commitment to providing comprehensive property disclosures, aiding in a smooth closing process.

7. Closing with Carrillion:

Closing the deal with Carrillion involves the signing of the Contract of Sale, ensuring a seamless exchange of funds and finalizing your journey towards ownership.

The Assignment Stage

8. Deed of Assignment Formalization:

Carrillion’s legal experts guide you through the preparation and execution of a Deed of Assignment, ensuring a lawful transfer of ownership.

9. Payment Fulfillment:

The assignment stage includes fulfilling any outstanding payments, guaranteeing a smooth transition to full ownership.

10. Transfer of Relevant Documents:

Carrillion facilitates the transfer of all necessary documents, reinforcing your confidence in the legitimacy of your property.

11. Closing the Deal with Carrillion:

The execution of the Deed of Assignment solidifies your full possession and ownership of the luxurious property.

The Registration Stage

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12. Obtaining Necessary Documents:

Carrillion supports you in obtaining vital documents such as the original Deed of Assignment and Tax Payer Identification, streamlining the registration process.

13. Fee Payments and Stamp Duties:

Carrillion guides you through the payment of registration fees and stamp duties, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements.

14. Deed of Assignment Registration:

Registering the Deed of Assignment with Carrillion involves obtaining the governor’s consent, completing the property transactions effectively.

Relevant Documents for a Luxurious Purchase with Carrillion

Multi-million-dollar Mansion Real Estate

15. Approved Survey Plan:

Carrillion provides an approved survey plan outlining property boundaries and confirming freedom from government acquisition.

16. Deed of Assignment from Carrillion:

A legal document from Carrillion, the Deed of Assignment, assures the smooth transfer of property ownership.

17. Letter of Land Allocation from Carrillion:

Carrillion provides the essential Letter of Land Allocation, vital for properties in government schemes like Government Reserved Areas.

18. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) from Carrillion:

Carrillion’s Certificate of Occupancy confirms your ownership and interest in the property.

19. Governor’s Consent from Carrillion:

Carrillion secures the required governor’s consent, ensuring the legitimacy of your property transaction.

20. Power of Attorney from Carrillion:

Carrillion ensures that any property sold by someone other than the registered owner is backed by a valid Power of Attorney.

21. Building Approval from Carrillion:

Carrillion assures that your property has valid building approval, complying with all relevant regulations and standards.

22. Receipts of Payment from Carrillion:

Carrillion provides receipts and proof of payment for all property transactions, instilling confidence in your investment.


Investing in million-dollar mansions demands strategic steps, and choosing Carrillion as your partner ensures a journey marked by transparency, reliability, and the realization of your luxurious homeownership dreams. Follow these outlined steps, and let Carrillion guide you to a future defined by opulence and comfort.

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